Sunday, December 2, 2012

Happy Holidays Tigers!

Discover E Books @ Your Library

E Books are simply electronic copies of  regular printed books. These books are normally chaptered and indexed in much the same way as printed books. E Books can be downloaded and read on computers in the Electronic Reference Center (ERC) as well as your personal laptop.  The ERC is located in the library on the Plaza level.  E Books can be accessed via the online catalog. You can store a whole library of eBooks on your laptop. ( E-Book reader software applications can be found on the web and downloaded to your computer, I-pad, laptop etc.).  
Check out  website for a discussion on print books versus E-books. 
Libraries are Forever: E-books and Print Books Can Coexist.      

E-Book Resources:
  • Barone, Diane. Children's literature in the classroom : engaging lifelong readers.
  • Cato, Molly.  Environment and economy.
  • Dicken, Peter.  Global shift : mapping the changing contours of the world economy.
  • Fry, Ron.  How to study.
  • Gurian, Michael. Boys and girls learn differently! : a guide for teachers and parents.
  • Medoff, Norman. Electronic media : then, now, and later.
  • Renard, John. Islam and Christianity: theological themes in comparative perspective.
  • Ritzer, George.  The concise encyclopedia of sociology.
  • Segal, Daniel.  Aging and mental health.
  • Westwood, John.  How to write a marketing plan.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               **Search the online catalog for a complete listing of E-books.
 Happy Holidays!!

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