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April 2017

                  April 26 is Administrative Professional Day!

Happy Administrative Professional  Day!

April is National School Library Month
The 2017 theme is Because School Libraries Empower Students

National Poetry Month was inaugurated by the Academy of American Poets in 1996. Over the years, it has become the largest literary celebration in the world with schools, publishers, libraries, booksellers, and poets celebrating poetry’s vital place in our culture.

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Kaanan “Kane” Lewis serves as the Catalog Librarian at the Benjamin F. Payton Learning Resources Center at Benedict College. Kaanan catalogs all materials at Benedict, performing original and copy cataloging in all subject areas and languages. He has served as the Catalog Librarian since October 2016.

Q: What do you like most about working in an academic library?

   Assisting the students in all subject areas and formats. Also, creating subject/lib-guides, which provide students with essential information that they can use & share for research purposes. Seeing their faces with satisfaction makes me enjoy what I do in the academic setting.

Q: What are you most proud of while working at your library?

   Before the transition from paraprofessional to professional, I taught classes in the different discipline areas for student research, and provided one-on-one mentoring and assistance. Sharing the knowledge that the students needed to complete an assignment or group project, and receiving a grade of superior, are still my most proud moments. Another example is assisting professors, including one in particular, Dr. Chea. He was requesting articles for study and he could not locate them through our databases. I was able to tap into other resources and provided him with the information he needed. Once I emailed him what was requested, I did a follow-up the next day to see if he had retrieved the articles, and indeed he had. His response was, “Got them. Many thanks, Mr. Lewis.” A very proud moment.

Q: How does PASCAL help your library fulfill its mission?

   Many students here at Benedict College need information on the latest up-to-date resources that they can get their hands on.  PASCAL provides them with many options, but the two that I like most and that the students find meaningful are PASCAL Delivers and eBooks. These tools are very user-friendly and the students and even the faculty are always satisfied with the results.

Q: In what areas (if any) would you like to see PASCAL libraries increase collaboration?

   I believe that in most areas, PASCAL libraries excel. The partnership goes above and beyond. The staff that I have met, I see their passion in the profession, which gives me all the motivation I need to carry out my duties in the library profession, assisting students and faculty, and people that I come in contact with on a daily basis on research needs.

Q: What is your favorite outside of work activity?

   On weekends, I still go fishing with my grandfather. I love nature and being outdoors.
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