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May Events
Congratulations and Best Wishes
  Benedict Graduates!!

Asian Pacific American Heritage Resources
  • Bloom, Harold. Asian-American writers [electronic resource]. 
  • Leonard, George. The Asian Pacific American heritage : a companion to literature and arts. 
  • Oliver, Paul. Black music in Britain : essays on the Afro-Asian contribution to popular music.

Older American's Month Resources
  • Cruikshank, Margaret. Learning to be old : gender, culture, and aging.
  • U.S. Senate. 105th Congress. 2nd Session. S.HRG. 105-865. Older Americans and the Worldwide Web: The New Wave of Internet Users.
  • Wilson, Emily Herring. Hope and dignity : older Black women of the South.

Skin Cancer Awareness Resources

  • McKinnell, Robert G. Prevention of cancer. 
  • Peloso, Jennifer. Health care. 
  • So, Po-Lin. Skin cancer.

Better Hearing and Speech Resources
  • Jones. Morris. Language development, the key to learning.
  • Minifie, Fred D. Normal aspects of speech, hearing, and language. 
  • Schultz, Martin. An analysis of clinical behavior in speech and hearing.

National Flower Month Resources

  • Goody, Jack. The culture of flowers.
  • Greenwood, Leslie. Flowers of the world. 
  • Steere, William C.  Wild flowers of the United States.

National Physical Fitness and Sports Month Resources

  • Allen, Mary Beth. Sports, exercise, and fitness : a guide to reference and information sources.
  • Baker, Joseph. The masters athlete : understanding the role of exercise in optimizing aging.
  •  Wildman, Robert. Sports and fitness nutrition.
National Scholarship Month Resources

  • Hamel, April Vahle. The graduate school funding handbook.
  • Peterson's scholarships, grants & prizes.
  • Smith, Margaret. Student aid; bases of selection of students to whom loans, scholarships, and fellowships are awarded in a graduate school of education.

**All resources are located in the Benedict Library.