Tuesday, October 1, 2013


eBooks, eBooks, eBooks, eBooks, eBooks.....

One of the basic elements of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is the creation of insurance exchanges where individuals, families, and small businesses may purchase health benefit plans.  Open enrollment in these plans begins October 1st, 2013.  



Did you know that Benedict College Library has over 90,000 
eBooks?  Explore our eBook collection today! Do you have 
an  i Pad, laptop or an eBook reader? Now is the 
time to download and check out eBooks. You may check 
out eBooks for 14 days. The links you need to download 
eBooks are below.  

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Sample of  eBooks from the collection.
                  Book Jacket                                                Book Jacket

Book Jacket                                                        Book Jacket 

New Database

STAT!Ref®, the premier healthcare e-resource, enables users to intuitively cross-search full-text titles, journals and evidence-based point-of-care authoritative resources. STAT!Ref provides the latest healthcare information in a customizable and convenient format. STAT!Ref goes where you go, accessible by desktop, laptop and wireless or web-enabled mobile devices.

 Research Writing Tip of the Month

Begin  your research with a solid Thesis Statement. This is the question you propose to answer in the paper.  

  •   Keep it simple.
  •   Make it specific. It's easier to do research on a narrowly selected subject.
  •   Make sure your idea will work.
  •   Check with your professor about the suitability of the thesis to the assignment.
  •   Check in the library to make sure there's enough resources on your topic.
Monthly Observances

National Hispanic Heritage Month (Sept. 15 through Oct. 15)

National Breast Cancer Month
Domestic Violence Awareness Month 

  • Barber, Matthew. Breast cancer [electronic resource] : an atlas of investigation and management.
  • Buzawa, Eve S. Responding to domestic violence : the integration of criminal justice and human services.
  • Fox, Geoffrey. Hispanic nation : culture, politics, and the constructing of identity.
  • Hoskins, Carol Noll. Breast cancer : journey to recovery.
  • Jaffe, Peter G. Child custody & domestic violence : a call for safety and accountability.
  • Johnson, Jerry L. Domestic violence.
  • Lobb, Nancy. 16 extraordinary Hispanic Americans.
  • McCaffrey, Paul. Hispanic Americans.
  • McCarthy, Peggy. Breast cancer? : let me check my schedule.