Wednesday, April 24, 2013

"Let Us Remember WORLD PEACE, Texas Explosion, And Boston Tragedy."
Boston Marathon
Texas Explosion

  • Bermanzohn, Salley Avery.  Through survivors' eyes : from the sixties to the Greensboro Massacre.        
  • Fox, James Allan. Extreme killing : understanding serial and mass murder.
  • Farmer, Sarah. Martyred village : commemorating the 1944 massacre at Oradour-sur-Glane.
  • Public Affairs Television. The 11th of September [videorecording] : Moyers in conversation. Simmons, Martha. 9.11.01 : African American leaders respond to an American tragedy.

April Is National Child Abuse Prevention Month
Child abuse occurs in many families. The exact number of children that have been abused is not known because many cases are not reported.  However, it is estimated that nearly one million children are abused each year. The abuse is not always  visible.  Abuse can be emotional, mental as well as physical.  Learn the signs of  child abuse.


  • Clark, Robin E. The encyclopedia of child abuse.
  • Crosson-Tower, Cynthia.  Understanding child abuse and neglect. 
  • Karson, Micheal.  Patterns of child abuse : how dysfunctional transactions are replicated in individuals, families, and the child welfare system
  • Shannon, Joyce.  Child abuse sourcebook [electronic resource].
  • Winton, Mark. Child abuse and neglect : multidisciplinary approaches.

                                  National Poetry Month

  • Janeczko, Paul B. hoow to write poetry.  
  • Eisner, Eric. Nineteenth century poetry and literary celebrity.
  • Felstiner, John. Can poetry save the earth?: A field guide to nature poems.
  • Jenkins, Lee  Margaret.The language of Caribbean poetry: boundaries of expression.
  • Keller, Lynn. Thinking poetry : readings in contemporary women's exploratory poetics.

                                     Stress Awareness Month

  • Shannon, Joyce.  Stress-related disorders sourcebook : basic consumer health information about stress and stress-related disorders .
  • Greenberg, Jerrold.  Comprehensive stress management.

                                      National Self-Publishing
  • Holt, Robert Lawrence. How to publish, promote, and sell your own book.
  • Park, Karin.  Publication grants for writers & publishers : how to find them, win them, and manage them.

Monthly Celebrations:
Autism Awareness
Stress Awareness
National Poetry
National Child Abuse Prevention 
National Volunteer
National Mathematics Education
National Parkinson Awareness
National School Library
National Self-Publising

Daily Celebrations:
April 18 Zimbabwean Independence Day
April 22  Earth Day 
April 26 Arbor Day
April 27 Freedom Day (South Africa)