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April 2016

Extended Hours for Finals April 30 - May 1.

It’s that time of year again. Once again, the Benedict College Library is here to help you.  The Library is open longer hours starting this weekend for your studying convenience.
Saturday 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Sunday    3:00 pm - 12:00 midnight


 Congratulations Mr. Kaanan Lewis!
Beta Phi Mu International Library and Information Science Inductee 2016 (University of South Carolina Honor Society)


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Monthly Observations

Books To Brighten Young Minds
Mathematics Education
Income Tax  Month
National Poetry Month
Autism Awareness Month
National School Library Month                                                                                                            U.S. Presidential Campaign - 2016
Mental Health - Autism Awareness Month
World Economics - Financial Literacy Month
World Environment - Earth Day
World Terrorism


Library Resources:

Clayton, Paul. Essential math skills for engineers.
Graeber, Ann. Upper elementary math lessons: case studies of real teaching.
Hanlon, Bill. Teaching struggling students in math : too many grades of D or F?
Maxfield, Brent. Essential Mathcad for engineering, science, and math ISE.
Senior,Thomas. Mathematical methods in electrical engineering.
Small, Marian. Eyes on math : a visual approach to teaching math concepts.


eBook Resources



Hot Topics From NewsBank

TOPIC: The week after the arrest in Brussels of Salah Abdeslam, wanted in connection with last fall’s terrorist attacks in Paris, three bombs went off in Brussels. Two of them were at its airport and the third was on its subway system. Were these two events related? Who claimed responsibility for the attacks? What have investigators found out about the attackers and their accomplices?  Has the airport reopened and has its security measures been changed as a result of the attacks? SEARCH TERMS: Brussels AND (bombs OR attacks)

 TOPIC:  The Republican presidential primaries have attracted attention as the field narrows and Donald Trump finds delegates for the opposition candidates coalescing behind Ted Cruz and John Kasich.  On the Democratic site Bernie Sanders is slowly narrowing the gap with Hillary Clinton.  What are some of the key issues now coming to prominence for each party and why?  What are zombie delegates and how may they play a role in the Republican convention this year? SEARCH TERMS: (Republican OR Republicans OR Democrat OR Democrats OR Democratic OR GOP) AND delegates

 BUSINESS: Sea World Ends Orca Shows TOPIC: Sea World has announced that it will end its Orca shows in 2017, however they will continue to hold Orcas in captivity. Animal rights groups have responded by stating the following analogy: This move is like no longer whipping lions in a circus act but keeping them locked inside cages for life. How does this analogy fit situation? Why has Sea World decided to stop the Orca shows? How do they intend to move forward in their work and containment of Orcas? SEARCH TERMS: Sea World AND Orca
BUSINESS:  iPhone Security vs. Federal Government        TOPIC:  Apple, Inc. would like to know how the FBI was able to break into the iPhone of one of the San Bernardino murderers. Normally, the government is required to disclose technology security flaws so that companies can address fixes so that consumers’ data is protected. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the FBI disclosing how it cracked the iPhone security system? How can individuals’ rights to privacy be protected while allowing the government to pursue criminal investigations? SEARCH TERMS: Apple AND tech*

Civics, Government and Politics: Viva Cuba! TOPIC:  President Obama made a state visit to Cuba and Argentina. He was the first president to visit Cuba since Calvin Coolidge. What was truly historic about his visit to Cuba? How was he received by Cuban President Castro? What was controversial about the timing of his visit to Argentina? What documents did the U.S. government promise to release about Argentine’s recent history? SEARCH TERMS: Obama AND (Cuba OR Argentina)

SPORTS: U.S. Women Soccer Players File Lawsuit TOPIC: A group of professional soccer players from the U.S. Women’s National Team have filed a lawsuit against the U.S. Soccer Federation seeking equal pay to match their male counterparts.  What is the discrepancy between the pay of the male soccer players and the female soccer players in the U.S. Soccer Federation and what are the key arguments for either side of the case?  What are some other sports where there is a notable discrepancy in pay between genders and what has been done about it? SEARCH TERMS: Soccer Federation AND women AND lawsuit AND 

 SPORTS: March Madness TOPIC:  March Madness is an informal term describing the NCAA college basketball tournament that plays out mostly through the month of March and into April.  What teams have made the Final Four?  What about this year’s March Madness was leaked on Twitter and what was the impact of the leak? SEARCH TERMS: basketball AND March Madness

FILM AND TELEVISION:  The People vs. O.J. Simpson   TOPIC:  The first season of the cable television station FX series American Crime Story is The People vs. O.J., a docudrama on the murder trial of former football star O.J. Simpson.  What have the critics said about the acting and directing of the show?  What are some areas where the show may be different from real events? SEARCH TERMS:  FX AND The People vs. O.J. Simpson

PERFORMING ARTS: Academy of Country Music Awards TOPIC:  Jason Adlean won Entertainer of the Year at this year’s Academy of Country Music Awards, but Chris Stapleton was the big winner overall.  What was the music by Adlean and what were the qualities in it that impressed the voters to give him this win?  What are some other key successes in his career?  What awards did Stapleton win and what were the qualities in his music that impressed the voters? SEARCH TERMS: (Country Music Awards OR CMA Awards) AND (Adlean OR Stapleton)


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