Monday, October 31, 2016

November 2016

Happy Thanksgiving BC Community Families!

The Library staff collected non-perishable food items for the annual Benedict College Thanksgiving Food Drive.            
Jeannie H. Adams,  Linda Campbell, Brian Crawley,  Damian Farmer,  Floyd Ingram, Mae Jones, Kanaan Lewis, Bridget V. Sledge, Louise Smith, LaDoris Walker and                                                           Darlene Zinnerman-Bethea, Director.

Storytelling at the Benedict CD Center
October 31, 2016 

The Hallo-wiener by Dave Pilky


 Presidential Elections eBooks

HOT Topics From Newsbank
  • CIVICS, GOVERNMENT AND POLITICS: U.S. Presidential Campaign
    Topic: Presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have finished their debates and are winding up their campaigns before Election Day. What were the most significant factors of the three debates for each candidate and how did it change their campaigns? What are the strongest arguments to be made in favor of each candidate?
    Search Terms: Hillary Clinton AND Donald Trump AND debate                                                             
  • AT&T and Time Warner
    Topic: Telecommunications conglomerate AT&T has announced its plan to acquire media and entertainment conglomerate Time Warner. What factors do regulatory agencies investigate when approving corporate mergers? What industries would a merger like this impact and what would that impact be? What are the potential benefits and concerns for each company in this merger?
    Search Terms: AT&T and Time Warner                                                                                                 
  • BUSINESS: Volkswagen Settlement
    Topic: A federal judge has approved a nearly $15 billion settlement for Volkswagen's deceptive practices in emissions testing. What are its specifics, how do they work toward resolving the problems created by the emissions scandal and how does this settlement rank historically in the size of other US settlements? What investigations are still in store for Volkswagen?
    Search Terms: Volkswagen AND settlement AND emissions                                                                 
  • SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Cyber Attacks on Both Coasts
    Topic: A massive hacker attack on Friday October 21st disrupted many services starting in the eastern US and then spreading to other parts of the US and Europe. What has been discovered about how these attacks were set up and deployed? What has been discovered about who is behind them? What kind of protection is necessary to insure safety from these attacks?
    Search Terms: hack* AND attack AND Mirai

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